Bjørn Ihler




All art and elements of design tells a story. It tells us who we ware, where we came from, and indeed who we define 'us' to be. Art & Design is key not only to my overall vision is to explore how stories affect our societies, shape our minds and influece our conflicts but also in adding value to the world through beauty, information, inspiration and imagination. Design can inform, art can challenge together they challenge the way in which we see and understand the world, and can open our eyes to new ways of thinking.

Take a look at my sketches, sources of inspiration, process and more in my Tumblr sketchbook
Read more about my philosopy, work, process and vision on my blog StoryForPeace


On stage there's one thing that matters and that is the performance. Video is a relatively new concept to enter the stages of theatre, opera, ballet and music. Finding creative ways of integrating it as organically as possible, enhancing the performace, story and experience of the audience is always my primary goal.


From logos to flyers, posters and motion graphics all design boils down to identity, to who you are, what your story is and what visual language is sutable for the representation of that.


Capturing moments, places and people has always been one of my passions. I aim to take pictures that are both visually interesting and that in some way tell stories of places, people, their lives and relationships.


Art and Illustration is all about storytelling using visual language rather than words. Wether it's concept art as part of a larger project, a sculpture or a picture for your wall....


From businesscards for individuals and small businesses to posters for NGOs and organisations working to improve peoples lives and the National Opera my focus is on the story the client wishes to tell, and expressing that vision effectively through my art and designs. Let me help you tell your story.